omar yunes

Omar Yunes 

At 54D, managing partner Omar Yunes is in charge. Since 2000, he has built and expanded enterprises in Latin America and the US. 54D is a global wellness company that uses a 54-day program that focuses on exercise, nutrition, and recuperation to help people change their habits and empower themselves.

Omar is also the creator and president of Planta de Ideas, a Mexican venture that focuses on nurturing new businesses from their origin through financing, management assistance, and growth, with the goal of building a new business ecosystem.

Omar Yunes,Miami, FL

Following the initial interview, members are assigned to four-yearly cycles and a time slot. This provides structure to the program and allows participants to train with the same people throughout it. According to Yunes, the bond and strong ties formed as a result of pushing and supporting one another are a distinguishing feature of the 54D brand.

"You hold each other responsible," he said. "You develop friends and feel like a family member." You'll find a support system unlike any you've ever seen. When we ask participants what they got out of the program, they say they felt stronger, slimmer, and healthier, but they also say they got a sense of community, a shift in perspective, and a greater confidence to achieve new and present goals."